Zip and Link Contract Bed

If you are a hotelier and are preparing for  the up and coming busy period, then you are possible considering changing the beds within your hotel or guest business, then here are a list of benefits that a contract zip and link contract bed could provide.

The sizes are generally manufactured as a King or a Super King with a length of up to 6’6’’. Super King tends to be the most popular, as this will create two single beds when separated giving the occupant more room.

Using what we call linking bars they connect the bases at the foot and head end keeping the two bases secured. The mattresses are joined using a heavy duty zip which you cannot feel, resulting on a restful night’s sleep.

There a many base design such as platform or on legs, with or without storage drawers, available in a wide section of fabrics and colours to suit your in-house décor. The mattresses tend to be a pocket spring design offering the utmost in comfort and support for your guests.

This design is ideal for Hotels, Guest Houses and B and B’s who require the flexibility of creating a number of sleeping and room  options to gain more revenue within their business.

FAQ – Can I still use a headboard on a Zip and Link Bed?

Yes you can, what you would need to ensure is the bases can accommodate two separate headboards either 2 x 2’6’’ for a Kingsize or two 3’0’’ designs for a Super King. So when the beds are split you have an individual headboard for each bed.